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Email #1

It's not too late to bring him back!

Do You Want Him Back?

Get Him To Chase You Again...

Hi it's _________________(Your name)

Did you know that most relationship breakups can be saved?
In fact, the reason why so many women end up heartbroken is
often because of what they do the first few weeks after the
breakup. You see what get's most women in trouble isn't that
they're mean, selfish or demanding. No, after a breakup most
women try and coax their man back using methods that would be
effective on another woman but often prove disastrous on a man.

Have you made some of these critical mistakes?
Have you been emotional or demanding?
Have you called him?
Perhaps you've even begged him to come back to you or driven
by his home repeatedly?

If you can relate to any of these things, you need to check this

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Bob shows you how to make your ex start CRAVING you again and
begging to have you back in his arms.


(Your Name)

The truth is you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed.
You need a plan. A strategy that gives you a step by step
instructions on what to do. If you still love him, then he
needs your help not to make the biggest mistake of his
life in losing you. Don't let that happen,
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Email #2:

Headline: Make Him Fall In Love Again...
Headline 2: Bring His Love Back To Life

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Warning #1: If you DON'T want your ex
boyfriend back - this isn't for you.

Warning #2: If you DO want your ex
boyfriend back - you'll about to
discover a couple of sneaky little
secrets about MALE psychology that
will show you how to quickly REVERSE
your break up situation and get
him to start chasing you again!

But remember, this plan is ONLY for
those who feel a deep connection
with their ex and want the opportunity
to get a SECOND chance!

If you think he is someone special
that you don't want to lost then
you'll discover:

* Why what you do the next few weeks
is critical to reversing your breakup.
* The specific Step by Step Strategy to
reverse the break up so he is the one
CHASING you and BEGGING to want you back...
all his idea of course
* Why listening to your girlfriends advice
can actually kill any chance of getting
him back.

If you want a Proven Plan to bring him
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(Your Name)


Don't wait! The longer you are apart the
more likely he'll never come back. The
sooner you begin this life changing plan
the sooner he'll be back in your arms!
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Email 3

Headline: You Can Get Him Back


Hi there,

Breakups are one of the most painful and
emotionally difficult situations you can
go through...

And it's especially painful and difficult
when the breakup is HIS idea, not yours.

You want him back...you want to start
fresh, and give it another try...but
now he's shutting you out of her life.

Perhaps he's ignoring you completely, or
he told you she "just wants to be friends..."

And you're racking your brain, trying to
figure out WHY he suddenly turned so cold,
and HOW to convince him to talk to you and
try to work things out...

In this situation, you CANNOT afford to
make the same mistakes that most women
make when trying to patch things up with
their ex.

My friend Bob Grant has coached a lot
of women through this situation and
helped them to not only win back the
men they love...but to build new, happier,
stronger relationships.

Listen and see if you're making some of
the common mistakes that could actually
kill any chance of getting him back.



(Your Name)

P.S. Bob has a proven step by step plan
that he's used to help thousands of women
win back the love of their life. But you
have to hurry, the longer you wait, the
greater the chance that he might forget
about you.

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